Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Putney West Hill New England MTB Series

Wow, sorry again, lots to catch up about. Crazy times lately with training, the baby, work, etc. I know that it's a recurring theme but not much has changed except my riding. I decided it was time to do some homework, suck it up, and put the hard miles in that I was dreading. Well, with two weeks in, the fruits of my labor are starting to pay dividends. Went to Putney VT in the rain with my buddy Towny and will fill you in later on the rest. For now here are some highlights from the race. Check out the start, where was that guy at the finish? Start steady, finish strong! Just ask K Hines, great race from Kevin and a great guy to race against. Kevin 1st, me2nd, and Semus 3rd.

Gotta go!!

Thanks for reading.