Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm Back!

1st Annual Cannondale Demo Day Willowdale State Forest, Ipswich MA

And then there was time..............Holy Crap! I can't believe that I haven't taken a breath since Trey came home on mothers day, wow. A lot has happened, and most importantly Tara and I started sleeping last week, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Those of you who have children can compassionately relate to what that turn of events really means. Huge. Bike racing came to a screeching halt for me after the Vermont 50 miler. Plans of grandeur turned into complete delusion. In addition the fall in Ipswich is arguably one of my favorite times of year. Right in town we have 2 orchards, and 5 full blown farms. The definition of full blown? Well, pull into the parking lot and see CT plates, NY plates and other out of state rs visiting= full blown. Pumpkins, hay bales, apples, corn mazes, need I say

Racing was difficult this year and I think it was obvious in my results. Without sounding like that guy, it was hard to motivate in both my training and on race day when I have a such a wonderful little boy at home growing and changing everyday. Priorities have changed, but one thing I am confident in, is the love of my bicycle, period. There is something about the bike that brings me back to my childhood, as I'm sure it would for most people. Growing up I played hockey, baseball, and soccer, with hockey as my primary sport and continuing into college. Even with all of those sports, I still gravitated toward the bike, going as far as to buying my own bmx bike with paper route money, and going to the Sullivan Park BMX track for a race, all by myself I might add.

Unfortunately the bike interest went away in High School and most of College. I found the buzz in motorcycles and embraced it with open arms. Four moto's later, and some maturing, the bicycle reappeared. My childhood friend, classmate, teammate, and I will even go as far as calling him family, Jim, brought the mountain bike back in my life and the rest is history.

My wife has brought me peace, my son has brought me joy, my bike will always teach me to respect and love what I have. That said, I may be getting older and slower but I will never stop riding.

Cheers and look forward to keeping everyone more up to date.

Matty O.