Tuesday, May 26, 2009


What the hell! I was told I would be tired but this is insane. Oh, did I say previously that Trey is home, well he is, and man can that kid eat, especially at 12,2,4,and 6am! Tara is a trooper and I am doing my best to run down stairs as she is feeding, grabbing burp clothes, diapers, water, and whatever else I get summons to. The best was the first night he was home and I went out to my car at 2 am thinking I needed something from it, never did figure out what that was. Needless to say I am cracked, but it's all worth it, especially when that little guy goes back to sleep on my chest in the middle of the night.

Another "light dawns on Marblehead" moment. The last ten 10 days he was home I was off the bike and realized I actually need to ride my bike to be decent. Ohhhhh, that's why we train so much, so we can actually ride a race well. Otherwise you feel like a big huge bag of poop riding up climbs, descending singletrack, and even trying to eat a GU. Man, I never thought I loved training so much for the sole purpose of not having to suffer so much in a race.

So the race recap goes similarly to my last one, front of the race for the first bit, then slowly start fading into " No Mans land", hate it in that town. Basically became an "also ran". For those of you who don't know what that is, it's someone who rides the race and is just another finisher, not a contender. There is some positive notes to the story though. First of all Fairlee VT is gorgeous. Second Tom Masterson's Coyote Hill MTB Camp is a gem of a facility and needs to be visited, what singletrack! Finally, the sun was out with what was supposed to be a gloomy Sunday and the singletrack became real fun especially after dialing in the Scalpel.

Something I have learned in all the years of racing is that patience is key. I'm not at my best, period! When I was younger I would rack my brain looking for the problem which typically was starring me in the face. I would like to call it wisdom, most who know me though would have a hard time with that one , ha! We'll chalk it up as years of racing, or wisdom, whatever. It's the same thing really, jeez. I will get there, and I will have good days, but racing mountain bikes is becoming more than that to me. It is about the bigger picture now, it's about places like Fairlee, the beautiful Mountain Bike Camp, and great people sharing a love for the outdoors.

I hope you can all share the same passion in whatever it is you enjoy and be able to embrace the big picture of that past time. Have a great week and find something great to do outside, it will make you feel like new!

Matty O.


Michael said...

Isn't the " big picture" beautiful? Now you're starting to understand why an old-time "also-ran" like mekeeps showing up.
Enjoy your son.

Big Bikes said...

Well put sir!

I do love the places we get to see while doing this silly mountain bike thing, Coyote Hill is definitely a highlight.

I gush about that place to anyone who will listen any chance I get.

Glad the kiddo made it home safe and sound.


mikejoos said...

Hey, Matt… I found your blog… I will add your blog to my blog list…

Good perspective on racing and training…

Wheels said...

I hear ya Matty! We're in that "Masters Mode" where the real world helps put races into perspective. You can suck at a race, but hey, you got to go to a race and suck. It's so much more about the experience than the result nowadays. Fortunately, we still care a lot about the results and that's what keeps us coming back for more. Say hey to Trey for me.

C-BOMB said...

Looks like you showed Boobar what's up this weekend!